On Sabbatical Wednesdays


On Sabbatical Wednesdays —

For several years, I’ve tried, not always successfully, to keep Wednesdays free of outside commitments. I meant it to be a time of catching up on all those chores, tasks, that somehow never got finished, a time to quiet the hive-mind, to concentrate on those undertakings that were best performed with at least a semblance of serenity. To write, to edit, to think…to catch up on emails (and Facebook).

That plan vanished after the election, when I was in such a state that I could not think, much less write, straight. And then the election, and all those Congresspersons to call, to write, to email – it felt like my life was not my own. So much to do, so much to object to – a world spinning out of control.

And I realized that it was I (among others) who was doing the spinning. All that energy trying to understand, making the effort to always be logical, polite, respectful in my dealings with elected officials, even those whose tweets and postings made it clear that they had no respect for me. I received much information on issues from Facebook and other postings. For a while it was a godsend.

And then…and then….

I realized that these issues had overtaken my life. I longed for peace. I yearned to incorporate at least a bit of joy in my life. Slowly an answer appeared:

Sabbatical Wednesdays – a “real” Sabbath, a withdrawal, however short, from the world of politics, Facebook, Twitter, newscasts – even from the world of writing.

I must say that the first time, without Facebook, was more difficult than I had imagined. More times than I am willing to admit did my eye go to that icon on my IPhone. But I toughed it out – and the world continue to turn on its axis. To put off writing obligations was much easier, a relief, actually.

On the second such Wednesday, I realized that it was a reprieve – all that bad news would come to me, in time, just not as it happened. There was little that I could do that a day would make a difference. So, this past Wednesday, I read, I read new-to-me poets, I watched way too much Acorn TV. I even napped. And I must tell you, it was a delicious way to spend a day.

And Thursday morning, I was back at my laptop – for my daily calls, emails about the issues that I am focusing on – universal healthcare and gun control – with most days including a response to the latest presidential outrage. And the afternoons for writing, and thinking, and then thinking some more. But a bit more refreshed, less frantic, less hopeless about the world.

A day off – my Sabbath is Wednesday.