On a Bedside Basket of Books…

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On a Bedside Basket of Books…

Just this morning it happened. The pile became one book too high. The basket of books beside my bed came tumbling down. Not only down, but across and over.

Now most people I know have a To Be Read shelf. And most have a substantial portion of that at hand by their bed. But as in all things, there can be too much of a good thing. This morning proved to be just that. And as I scooped and gathered and crawled under the bed to retrieve all that had been in my wonderful basket, this is what I found:

  • Two Lemony Snicketts
  • Barefoot to Avalon – David Payne (I started this, but it just hit too close to home. And from it, the idea for my third novel sprang.)
  • Expert’s Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know—I know a few.
  • Make Way for Lucia – E.F. Benson (all 1120 pages) – one of my favorites, to be savored, read and re-read, although all those pages make for a heavy book.
  • What Writers Do – a wonderful gift from a friend, and a delightful lagniappe to find my dear muse, Abigail DeWitt featured.
  • A Simenon Maigret mystery – and old paperback, yellowed, crumbling pages and 8-point type.
  • Rude Bitches Make Me Tired – Celia Rivenbark – a gift from a friend.
  • An old copy of The Missouri Review – I know there is good stuff in here – one day…
  • O.Henry Magazine (3) -ditto
  • Atlantic Magazine (3) – triple ditto
  • New York Magazine with an article about Obama – sigh…
  • Shambala Sun (6) – I know I’ll get to those articles one day…
  • Journal of a Solitude – May Sarton – always good for a third, or fourth, reading.
  • Crampton Hodnet – Barbara Pym – one of my favorite Pym’s…a comfort read.
  • The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street – Helene Hanff – the author of the wonderful 84 Charing Cross Road.
  • The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer – must have needed inspiration– read it years ago and it gave me the shot in the arm I needed.
  • The Survival of the Bark Canoe – John McPhee – for my outdoor moments.
  • The Wonder Spot – Mellisa Bank – ??
  • Ravelstein– Saul Bellow – need a dictionary at my elbow when I read Bellow.
  • The Emperor’s Children – Claire Messud – I know this will be good.
  • This is the Story of a Happy Marriage – Ann Patchett- think that I actually read this and wanted to go back and savor.

So that is my collection – and it doesn’t count the library books that always seem to end up on top – because they have to be returned. I often think about taking a break from the library, to catch up on these and the others on the TBR shelf. But, as I stopped by the library today to pick up two that I had on reserve, I thought – maybe later.