On Getaway Trips for the Long-Married…

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On Getaway Trips for the Long-Married

To paraphrase Dr. Seuss, oh, the places we will go….

At least that was what we told each other when the time finally arrived that we were both free from the Monday through Friday of the work world. Yes, we’d just wake up in the morning, put out extra cat food and litter, and take off wherever and whenever the muse sang to us. And in the beginning, we did – the mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the ocean, sometimes just a day trip to a town we had never explored. And then…and then, life, and routine, and a new rhythm entered our days. I wrote, and wrote, and thought about writing. He labored long and hard on a discography of Glenn Miller. Our interests, our hobbies turned not exactly inward, but more to what needed to be done at a desk, inside. And somehow, we became as busy, as committed, as we had been in that world of work we were so delighted to leave.

But this week we decided no. We were due a break. So, Wednesday morning, cat food bowls overflowing, we left for a few days east – Edenton NC to be exact, a small historic town on the Albemarle Sound that was once the capital of the Province of North Carolina. It is still small, still historic, with just enough inviting, and still unpretentious, restaurants and coffee houses. The town has many historic B&Bs, but we decided that for this trip we valued privacy over history and sociable hosts, so we opted for a comfortable, anonymous hotel.

And though we’ve been married lo these many years, it still felt like an adventure – a bit like playing hooky. We found that we still like each other – we’ve always traveled well together – and I’ve kept my most-of-the-time gift for finding restaurants that provide a bit of funk with the food. He continues to perfect his most-of-the-time gift for finding out of the way places to explore – this time with the help of Google maps we found the Scuppernong River Walk in Columbia NC.

We were only gone a few  days, though long enough to be glad to get back home. Waiting for me were copies of the new book, Echoes from the Alum Chine. Yes, it’s here – and available on Amazon. The e-version should be up in a week or so. And you will be hearing more about that.

But, for this week, I’m still remembering a getaway trip for the long-married. Not a bad way to spend one’s time.