On My To-Be-Read Shelf


On My To-Be-Read Shelf —

I am strictly a Dewey Decimal System kind of gal. Okay, maybe not so strict, but I do give it a try, what I remember of it at least. I can almost find any of my books that I set out to identify, including those that I know I will read one day, just not now, or tomorrow, or, most likely, this year.

Then I happily learned of the idea of a “To Be Read” shelf. How great is that! And one morning, instead of working on my novel-in-progress or addressing the marketing of Another Sunday, I went through my bookcases and pulled out ten (I stopped myself at ten) to be placed in that special area where I can go whenever I’m putting off some onerous task to lose myself in one of those books I’ve been meaning to get to.

Here’s my list.

When Will There Be Good News – Kate Atkinson

Fell in love with Life After Life, so now I am a big Atkinson fan.

The Peaceable Kingdom – Jan deHartog

This book belonged to my mother and is one of the few books that I have that I know she read.

The Virgin Blue and Burning Bright – Tracey Chevalier

Two books here – because I loved The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

The Question – Cynthia Harrold Eagles

I’m starting way past midway in the Morland Family series, but you have to start somewhere.

Cranford – Mrs. Gaskell

Who wouldn’t want to read about mid-19th Century England?

The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova

Because I loved The Swan Thieves.

Birds of America – Lorrie Morris

Can you ever get enough of anguish and aimlessness?

August 1914 – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I am fascinated by the time of World War I – and how interesting to read about it from the point of view of a Russian.

The Power of Myth – Joseph Campbell

One of those books that, when discussed, I always nod my head silently, trying to imply that, of course, I’ve read it while hoping that the topic soon moves to another subject. Will nod no more!

So, that’s my list. Wondering what you have on yours. And next week, a list of Books To Re-read.


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