So Proud to be a Woman!!

I drafted this post on Friday evening, after a day of tears. I was fighting hard not to feel hopeless. And then today — the march.  To watch such a overwhelming outpouring of emotion, and love, and understanding — all over the world — what a shot in the arm….thanks to those who marched, thanks to those who, while their bodies might not have been there, shared their hearts and souls. Hope….what a feeling…..


For me, and for most us who are sickened by this spectre of the presidency, this is not about politics, not about a Republican defeating a Democrat. Had the Republican nominee been sane, more prepared, more qualified than the current president, there would have been disappointment, for sure, but not this visceral repugnance and fright that has gripped so many.

This is not about politics; this is about the man whom our electoral college has chosen to be the leader of the free world. And yes, I understand that he is our president. But I will work each day to use this energy roiling inside me to bring about change that will make us feel proud of our country and its citizens.

We say goodbye to a man of integrity, of intelligence, of grace, a man whose gravitas befitted the role of our leader. The baton has been passed to a narcissistic vulgarian who doesn’t read, who surrounds himself with toadies, whose grasp of the world begins and ends with his own ego.

And how interesting, and  how comforting, that this has brought many of us closer together. At my annual mammogram on Friday afternoon, the registrar asked me how I was doing. Our eyes met and we both started to cry, and took solace in each other, without using words. Such is the heart and soul connection among so many women now. Now to channel this energy into action.

So, a heartfelt thank you to friends, Facebook allies, and those who understand.

We will not get over it.

We will not accept this as the new normal.

We will not give up hope.

We will not give up.