Who Remembers Carol Lynley?

Carol Lynley has died. She was 77 years old. She did many things after gracing the covers and pages of Seventeen. She appeared on Broadway; she acted in several scandalous-for-the-time movies; she even posed for Playboy. Her obits seem to identify her career high point as the singer (actually, song-mimer) in The Poseidon Adventure.

Image result for carol lynley seventeen magazine
I saw this and bought a yellow dress. Though not the hat.

But for me, she will always be Seventeen. How we treasured those magazines, pouring over them to see if we could get those wispy bangs that she had. (We couldn’t.)

Image result for carol lynley seventeen magazine
My mother bought me a suit that looked just like this. Even the gloves. Though not the hat.
Image result for carol lynley seventeen magazine

Those were the years, the times, when our favorite Christmas present was a Princess phone, most likely pink. Like Carol Lynley’s nails. We thought that her manicure was much too grown-up and therefore fake. Though we did covet those bangs.

Image result for carol lynley seventeen magazine

Now for those born after a certain time, they will not believe that girls, real-life girls, went to dances dressed just like this. They did. We wore waist cinchers that rivaled Scarlett O’Hara’s, and long gloves that came to our elbows. We looked like Carol Lynley, if only for a night.

And, as Carol did, we left that behind, because life for a teenager in that era did not continue as an idyll.

But, for a minute, as we remember her, we remember, always in tones of sepia of course, a time when our bangs looked just as perky as hers. Godspeed, for all of us.


3 responses to “Who Remembers Carol Lynley?

  1. Thank you for the lovely tribute. I, too, poured over each copy of Seventeen. I had a formal much like the one in your picture. It was such a simpler age, so long ago. On another note, I think I may know you. Did you used to work at the Puzzle Place off the BW parkway? Did you live in a t9ny house in downtown Baltimore, with a patio made out of bricks from the Stanley?


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