On Aplomb….

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On Facing Life with Aplomb

I delighted myself last Sunday when I figured out a key word in a crossword puzzle: aplomb. And not only did I congratulate myself for figuring it out, it also unlocked what turned out to be the rest of the entire puzzle. A sign, you say? Well, hell yes!

Aplomb. It came to me again the next day in a guided meditation. An instruction was to allow a word, a quality, to come to mind. And aplomb it was.

Aplomb. Is that not the answer to the world’s ills, or at least our ills with the world? The dictionary defines it as a confident composure or self-assurance. But I have another overlay – to me, aplomb is a healthy distancing, observing, yet being part of it – the good part. An acceptance of the situation, without undue emotion or connection. No superiority, just aplomb – and maybe a second Manhattan.

Aplomb – an enjoyment, an observation – from a distance, a bit removed — not that separate, sad feeling of not belonging, but a jolly acceptance of what is – without the angst of wishing it were different.

So from now on, I plan to practice aplomb. With our political situation, I will remain concerned.  I will be active, but I will also keep a distance that I hope will allow me to see and speak with a rational, logical, honorable detachment. When I observe my associates and intimates acting in ways which show their flawed humanity, I will strive to understand and accept, and hope that they will do the same when my failings overtake me. We should have plenty of practice on these.

I want to face the world with a lightness that has been missing from my life since November 9th. And, so I’ve heard, light will conquer darkness.


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