Looking Back on Things I’m Done With….


Through the magic of Facebook, this post showed up on my Feed – from one year ago today. So I thought it might be a good time to review this — to see if I’m still Done With what I identified, and to consider adding more. Which I did — at the end of last year’s thoughts.

Hope that you too are deciding what to be done with, and hope it gives more light and life to your days.

Ten Things I’m Done With (December, 2015)

  1. Being pressured into giving Christmas gifts that I don’t want to give to people who don’t want to get them. The first time I said “I think I’ll pass” was the hardest, and actually most people were relieved. This year, every group I know that used to give presents to one another now has a food drive. I’m not saying that I am responsible for this, but it just goes to show how one person speaking up can resonate with those who were thinking the same thing. And it has opened my heart to the pleasure of shopping for small remembrances for those I really do want to remember. Go figure.  (2016 — oh yes, and it just gets easier and easier)
  2. Salmon—don’t care if it’s wild (or so-named by the purveyor), or farm-raised in its own excrement, or now GMO so who knows what it is – I’m over it.(2016- — still over it)
  3. Risotto—after ordering at a lovely restaurant where an overindulged six-year-old shattered not only our mealtime discourse, but also those of the tables around us and much of the decor, this entrée rekindles too many merciless memories for me to try it again. (2016 –no risotto in my house, ever again)
  4. Trying to please—one impossibility that I’ve relinquished — which is different from being kind, which I am working hard on. (2106 — boy, being kind is a tough road these post-election days, but I’m working on it. As far as trying to please, well you can just forget that one, I’m way over it)
  5. Prayer—too many sanctimonious politicians, too many priggish believers, offering prayers and feeling righteous; just too much hypocrisy for me right now. Perhaps one day I’ll change my mind. (2016 — haven’t changed my mind; in fact, post-election, post-truth, I feel even stronger)
  6. Too Many of Anything—read The Magic Art of Tidying Up; thought that I was pretty much a minimalist, but “tidied up” so much that I have nothing left to wear. Trying for some balance here. (2016 — less and less – it feels good)
  7. Magazine Subscriptions—stacked-up magazines felt like homework, so for years, I’d been magazine-less; responded to a too-good-to-pass-up offer from The Atlantic, thinking/hoping that this time it would be different. It’s not. (2016 – so my Atlantic subscription expired, yet their salespersons have been calling, calling, calling, offering me years at no cost. Go figure. No to magazines, even good ones, even if they’re free)
  8. Being Scared to Write What I Think—Well, here I am, writing what I think. (2016 – post-election, better say what you think while you can)
  9. Gummy Worms-even frozen (2016 – uh oh — these have returned to my freezer  – well, these days, take your solace where you can)
  10. Trying to change people’s minds—now spending my time figuring out just what it is I think. Arguing both sides with myself is enough.(2016 – arghhh – was this prophetic? and no, we’re not going to change anyone’s mind.; mores the pity)

What I wish I could be done with: lamenting what I should have said, should have done. (2016 — for the most part, I am done with this – ah, progress somewhere…)

And this week, more working to do what I can, however small. Follow Wall-of-Us(wall-of-us.org) for concrete ways you can make your voice heard.

Another Sunday, A Novel of Historic Baltimore, http://www.cynthiastrauff.com

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