On Bookmarks in Winston-Salem



On Bookmarks in Winston-Salem —

Bookmarks – that’s where I was yesterday. It was a head-exploding experience. What is Bookmarks? It’s a festival of books, of writers, of writing.

I’ve seen it morph from a semi-bohemian frolic on Trade and 6th, where attendees could duck in and out of tents and galleries at will, with chairs set up with just enough wobble to call for constant attention to balancing butt and psyche. In one session, a hot and humid day, I ducked into a venue simply because it was air conditioned. In one session, saw a delightful young woman, in sun dress and sandals, come to the podium. I assumed that she was there to introduce the speaker – Gone Girl’s author, Gillian Flynn. So I was surprised to see that this sweet, unassuming gamin was, in fact, the author of that deep, disturbing, Machiavellian, torturously-mapped-out mystery…

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