On Mitzvahs


On Mitzvahs —

A mitzvah is a blessing, freely given, and I was the recipient of many this past Sunday. I was surrounded by some of my tiny family, and by those craziest of my cat-loving friends. For we celebrated the Cat Mitzvah for our two thirteen-year-old cats, Buster and Butterscotch. One friend advised that it should have been Katz Mitzvah, but, alas, her suggestion did not reach me until invitations had been sent.

And, as so many parties that are really for the grown-ups rather than the children (or cats, in this case), it was I who was truly blessed. To share good times, good conversations, to be happy to squeeze around a table meant for a much smaller assemblage and enjoy bumping elbows and spilling barbeque sauce. To laugh when we ran out of white wine sangria and find that somehow instant lemonade appeared in the refrigerator, to be  poured by a guest so comfortable that he felt it was his own home. Well, isn’t this the best of times.

In this turbulent time in the world, in our country, in our personal lives, how wonderful to stop, to savor, to appreciate that we are surrounded by mitzvahs, if only we look.

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