Why Are We All So Angry?


Why Are We So Angry?

Carl Jung said that all politics is projection (or something close to that) and that we project both those qualities that we love about ourselves, and those qualities that we hate in ourselves, onto the character of our politicians. If this is so, all I can say is that there must be copious self-loathing floating around in our atmosphere.

So many of us are so sure that we are right, that God, however we define him/her/it, is definitely on our side, whispering, even howling, inspirational words to guide us.

A Supreme Court Justice dies. He was a scoundrel some write with abandon; good riddance they say, because, after all, he held a different philosophy so he must be of a lower order, not worthy of our mourning. And, by the way, the first response from those on the “other” side involved exhortations of blocking any replacement our sitting president might put forth, though I do think he has that right under the Article Two of the Constitution (Justice Scalia would back me on that), and yes I do know that he/she has to be approved by the Senate.

Our anger, and indeed our hatred, seems to be playing out on the national stage with our Republican primaries, as well. It appears that we have transferred an abundant expanse of anger and hate to our candidates who proudly wear it as their mantle of purple, and highly-moral purple at that.

Though I am a registered Independent, and find both parties odious, I do think the Republicans win the prize this year for repugnance, at least on the national horizon.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Democrats, donning the cloak of love-for-all (except those who might have the audacity to disagree with them), are gleefully blaming Republicans for gerrymandering two blatantly politicized voting districts, while conveniently forgetting that it was their own party who blithely engineered the first one, a district roughly two blocks wide and ninety miles long.

So, I am now as bad as those I criticize, feeling thoroughly self-righteous in my bi-partisan disgust. Now if I can dredge up some respect and regard for those with whom I disagree, and actually listen to what they have to say without formulating my response while they are talking, it might start a trend. I might even change my mind.

Bird-by-bird, starfish-by-starfish. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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