This late August day….


This late August Day —

            together on the same branch,

                        dead leaves and live ones.

I had another blog prepared for this week’s post, but yesterday morning I came across this haiku. It’s in a book called Sweeping Changes, by Gary Thorp. And instead of going on and on with my thoughts, my interpretation of these lovely words, I thought I’d just leave it to you. Take a minute, or maybe five, and ponder. And I’d love it if you’d leave your thoughts.

The end of August – such a time for contemplation.

4 responses to “This late August day….

  1. I love this. There is a nip in the air and we are going to the mountains for a week and while I walk in the woods I’ll see dead leaves and live ones on the same branch and think of you and my mantra “be still. “


  2. Lovely! We were walking this morning in our amazing Battleground Park and were surrounded by this “in the flesh”! Plus, chatted with 3 deer!


  3. Light and shadow, life and death–the lightning-split elm kindled-wet with winter sun, skeletal arms shouting-up a cerulean sky– What a lovely haiku and velvet-rich photo!


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